Chapter 18, Part 1

Several hours later, Alessandra was crouched on the roof of a building that was opposite a large, magnificently built structure. The structure was the Ilfamis manor, which was about the same size as the Vanmorzen manor, but otherwise had little in common. Where the Vanmorzen manor had been a large rectangle built out of marble, … Continue reading Chapter 18, Part 1


Chapter 17, Part 4

"No, not yet," Alessandra said, shaking her head.   "Oh, I'm sorry," Nezemah replied. "Well, don't worry about it. This doesn't happen often, but every time it does, the successor eventually does regain the memories."   "Yeah, that's what I've been told," Alessandra said, trying not to be annoyed at this topic of conversation.   … Continue reading Chapter 17, Part 4