Chapter 21, Part 3

Several weeks after moving the Mekovals into the Avaroth, Alessandra was starting to settle into her routine. She was still extremely busy, but it was a predictable busyness, to the point where it was actually starting to become a little boring. It was something of a relief, in fact, when Shalor approached her while she … Continue reading Chapter 21, Part 3


Chapter 21, Part 2

All of which was rather daunting, of course. Part of Alessandra simply wanted to ignore these men and live her own life. Nothing said she had to get married. Plenty of women in the Order of Sunaru were not married. The Honesival wasn't married. Neither was Kezusal Evila. They were the two highest ranked people … Continue reading Chapter 21, Part 2

Chapter 20, Part 11

Once again, Alessandra found herself in a situation where she didn't know what to say. What is it, she thought, with people having awkward conversations with me on the semorjo? Fortunately, she didn't have to answer, because at that moment the semorjo started slowing down, signalling that they had arrived at Circle Station.   The Guards at … Continue reading Chapter 20, Part 11