Chapter 15, Part 2

“But...Meela!?” Alessandra blurted, still baffled by this. “I mean, she’s good. But she’s so young!” “Youngest Clan Master that Clan Mekoval has ever had,” Mikaelo said with a small grin. “And you’ll never guess who replaced her as Clan Leader.” Alessandra gave him a questioning look, and his grin grew wider. “Halidasa.” “No!” Alessandra exclaimed, … Continue reading Chapter 15, Part 2

Chapter 15, Part 1

“What are you doing here?” Alessandra exclaimed, feeling as stunned as she’d ever been in her life. “Looking for you, of course,” Mikaelo replied, his grin growing slightly less sheepish and slightly more mischievous. “Nice outfit.” “So you do know him,” Shalor interjected. “Good. I was afraid this young man was some sort of scoundrel … Continue reading Chapter 15, Part 1

Chapter 14, Part 2

“Well,” Shalor began, and then cleared his throat. “This is a little embarrassing to admit, but despite three months of searching, we still have no idea where the Storm Corps is hiding the Receptor now. The Sutorlah believes that, given might be able to succeed where others have failed.” “You mean, because I was … Continue reading Chapter 14, Part 2