Catching the Sun, Part 30

Achave Veren's alternate coordinates put Fluttermask in an empty sector of space, far from any inhabited solar systems. It was a spot that would be impossible to find if you weren't looking for it, and sure enough, there was only one ship there, a small freighter that was broadcasting the authentication code that Achave had … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 30


Catching the Sun, Part 29

Kyla Vertrane had never been more ready to finish a run and get a piece of cargo off her ship. There was something disturbingly ominous about that giant box in her cargo hold. Maybe it was the fact that when Fluttermask had stopped at a supply station outside of Reminalis, three unidentified light military transports … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 29

Catching the Sun, Part 28

"What a mess," growled Xendin Lodimeur in disgust as he picked his way through the corpses littering the engine room. They had just overridden the lockout keeping the engine containment doors sealed, and were entering the room for the first time since the XR38 drones had finished off the Imperial marines. They certainly were effective … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 28

Catching the Sun, Part 27

Xendin Lodimeur, the marine commander Major Krel Vendigan, and Lodimeur's XO Captain Jical Sorali made their way down to a corridor leading to the engineering section. "What's the situation, Sergeant?" Xendin said to a heavily armed marine standing nearby. "Not good, sir," she said with a salute. "We killed seven of them, but the other … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 27

Catching the Sun, Part 26

On Ranger's forward observation deck, Commander Omilai Alten and the rest of Ranger's command staff were watching intently as Ranger and the rest of the Fangalin ships prepared to engage Erelesk Votalin's fleet. Votalin's fleet had decimated Redlamin's so thoroughly that his ships had already lowered their shields and sounded an end to battle stations, … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 26