Chapter 21, Part 1

The biggest surprise over the next few days was just how many former members of the Mekoval clan had an aptitude for magic. There were a little over 250 people who had moved from the slums into the Avaroth, and given the usual figures for magical receptivity in the general population, the expectation had been … Continue reading Chapter 21, Part 1


Chapter 20, Part 12

"Oh, that...that's just great," Alessandra fumed. "Yes, let's put the lives of my friends at risk for the sake of a test. What a great idea!"   "Your friends' lives were never at risk," Shalor said calmly. "The other Guards thought that I was Lt. Yaolorder. They wouldn't have done anything without my command. And … Continue reading Chapter 20, Part 12

Chapter 20, Part 11

Once again, Alessandra found herself in a situation where she didn't know what to say. What is it, she thought, with people having awkward conversations with me on the semorjo? Fortunately, she didn't have to answer, because at that moment the semorjo started slowing down, signalling that they had arrived at Circle Station.   The Guards at … Continue reading Chapter 20, Part 11