This blog started out as just your basic personal blog, and if you go back far enough you’ll still see the stuff I wrote back then. But starting around November 2011, I decided to change focus. I’m working on a novel you see. Actually a series of novels. Probably nine volumes, although that may change. Anyway, I’ve also created an extensive backstory for this series, and I thought it would be fun to dip into that backstory to do a series of short stories for my blog.

The first, A Moment of Unrest, deals with the siege of the Imperial province of Cortaris during the thousand year war between the Trisitanian Empire and Fangalin, a war that was later known to history as the Breaking.

The second story is called To Break the Galaxy. This story goes back in time a few centuries and explores one of the major events that led to the Breaking.

The third story is entitled Terrible Shadow. This story deals with the events that set the Breaking in motion. More specifically, it tells the story of the first blow that was struck in the war, and how both sides reacted to it.

The fourth story is called The Solitude of Death, and it picks up three years after the events of Terrible Shadow with the story of how the reign of the first Emperor of the Breaking ended.

Next is A Song of Sorrow, a story about the battle for the Imperial Throne that ensued after the events of The Solitude of Death.

After that, we have The Bull and the Hyena, a story about the foundation of the Kingdom of Midigal, one of the nations that broke away from the Empire during the Breaking.

Finally, the latest story thus far is called Catching the Sun, which tells the story of one of the key battles in the early years of the Breaking.

I hope you enjoy these stories, and please give me feedback on anything you particularly like! And I really hope that if there's anything you don't like, that you let me know that as well. How will I know what to fix if I don't know what's wrong?

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