Chapter 12, Part 1

Alessandra stood on the roof of a building with her arms crossed, gazing across at the Vanmorzen manor in the distance. Torea was crouched down next to her, her gaze focused on the same thing. It was the first time Alessandra had laid eyes on the manor since her disastrous job there, and she was … Continue reading Chapter 12, Part 1


Chapter 11, Part 5

“So? Gonna tell me what that was all about?” Meela said with a grin. “Nope,” Alessandra replied, sitting back down behind her desk. “How about you? Are you going to tell me what’s going on between you and Migdoral?” “What? Nothing’s going on between me and Migdoral!” Meela exclaimed in a tone that was a … Continue reading Chapter 11, Part 5

Chapter 11, Part 4

“Well,” Mikaelo began, and then he stopped. He opened his mouth again, stopped, and then turned away from her partially. Alessandra was fascinated. Mikaelo was always calm, cool and collected. She had never seen him flustered before, ever. “Mikaelo,” she said, “are you blushing?” “! Of course not!” Mikaelo stammered. “Well, uh...okay, fine, I guess … Continue reading Chapter 11, Part 4