Chapter 7, Part 1

Alessandra was awoken out of a dreamless, fitful sleep by the sound of someone banging forcefully on her door. She sat up suddenly, in a daze, and then leaped out of her bed and rushed to the door. “Who is it?” she yelled, exasperated. “Kraylea!” a deep male voice yelled back. “Open up!” Alessandra forced … Continue reading Chapter 7, Part 1


Chapter 6, Part 4

“And you’re really good,” Meela groaned as she rubbed her jaw. “I fought a lot of people on the streets, and nobody has ever beat me twice.” “I’m not surprised,” Alessandra replied, holding out a hand to help Meela up. “But street fighting is amateur league compared to fighting in a clan. Not that thieves … Continue reading Chapter 6, Part 4

Chapter 6, Part 2

“Alessa, what are you doing?” Mikaelo asked, frustrated. “There’s no reason to be out here!” “I don’t know why you’re following me,” Alessandra replied, staring at the barrier. “I didn’t ask you to come. This is none of your business.” Slowly, Alessandra lifted her right hand and moved it toward the barrier. Her hand moved … Continue reading Chapter 6, Part 2