Chapter 2, Part 3

“Hali, do you ever get sick of being wonderful?” Alessandra asked with a grin as she ladled some stew into Halidasa’s bowl. “Nope!” Halidasa replied, grinning right back. She took her bowl back to her seat, and was replaced by Bezzum. “Giving out seconds, girl?” he asked with a sneer. “Is that against the rules … Continue reading Chapter 2, Part 3


Chapter 2, Part 2

“I think that’s probably for the best,” he said. “How can you say that!” Alessandra snapped. “You’re just as frustrated with how he’s running things as I am! How can you just sit there and let him get away with it?” “Easy, Alessa,” Mikaelo said soothingly, using the nickname he’d used for her ever since … Continue reading Chapter 2, Part 2

Chapter 1, Part 3

“Oh, good,” Torea said as soon as she Alessandra, “you’re back. Bezzum’s been in a tizzy ever since you left. Didn’t think you were coming back this time.” Torea was sitting at a desk, going over some reports or some other sort of paperwork. “Bezzum doesn’t ever think I’m coming back,” Alessandra muttered. Torea gave … Continue reading Chapter 1, Part 3