The Darkest Heart, Part 18

"Give me a status update, Commander," Kryla Zomulin said as she strode onto Decimator's bridge. "All ships are reporting in, Admiral," Hosken Venrel replied. "All captains are ready to go on your mark." "Excellent," Zomulin said, settling into the command chair. "As soon as we get the final word from the Emperor, we'll be ready … Continue reading The Darkest Heart, Part 18


The Darkest Heart, Part 16

"Wait a minute," Lavatiel interjected, her eyes smoldering. "What are you saying?" "Exactly what it sounds like," Mandaila replied, growing ever more smug. "Iron Dragonfly is fully operational." "And how is it that I was unaware of this?" Lavatiel snarled through clenched teeth. Peltoren admired the woman's restraint. She was about ready to throttle Mandaila … Continue reading The Darkest Heart, Part 16