The Darkest Heart, Part 9

“Haven’t we been down this road before?” Kryla asked, arching an eyebrow. “The last time you wanted me to help you shake the foundations of the Empire, a lot of people died.” “Perhaps, but we also succeeded in unifying the Empire under one ruler for the first time in almost twenty years,” Belfamor replied. “This … Continue reading The Darkest Heart, Part 9


The Darkest Heart, Part 8

Ensign Neskatrai Dradital was less than happy to be accompanying her aunt to this meeting with Lord Belfamor Hemetal. It wasn’t that she had anything against rubbing shoulders with nobility. Just the opposite, in fact. She was extraordinarily nervous to meet one of the most powerful men in the galaxy, because she wanted to make … Continue reading The Darkest Heart, Part 8