Culmination, Part 32

"Status report!" barked Admiral Kryla Zomulin as soon as Decimator dropped out of subspace. "What's out there?" "Looks like 24 contacts, sir," responded the sensor officer. "Two battleships, three cruisers, nine frigates, and ten destroyers." "Attack pattern Volmin," Kryla ordered. "Obliterate them." "Yes, sir!" replied the tactical officer. "CIC, confirm attack pattern Volmin," Kryla said … Continue reading Culmination, Part 32


Culmination, Part 31

"What's our status?" asked Hana Lodimeur, coming into Fluttermask's cockpit and sitting down in the empty copilot chair. "We're about twenty minutes out from Trisitania," replied Kyla Vertrane, not taking her eyes from the controls in front of her. "Good, good," Hana replied vaguely, staring intently at the kaleidoscope of colors visible on the viewscreen. … Continue reading Culmination, Part 31