Culmination, Part 23

Hana Lodimeur was perfectly still, her body like a compressed spring. She was crouched down behind a barrier, a sniper rifle cradled tightly in her arms. Holding her breath, she carefully centered the scope on her target, and then, ever so gently, she pulled the trigger. A blast of energy silently erupted out of the … Continue reading Culmination, Part 23


Culmination, Part 22

"What do you mean, 'it never should have happened'?" Kryla asked carefully. "I read the reports about Phumelenin. Are you saying that something was falsified?" "No, of course not!" Alaia replied quickly, shocked. "I just meant, I was never supposed to be in the Captain's chair on Majestic Falcon. I had no idea what I … Continue reading Culmination, Part 22