Culmination, Part 15

Kyla Vertrane sighed wearily as Fluttermask dropped back into normal space, shuddering slightly as it did. Her new military contact, this Captain Hana Lodimeur, claimed that she wasn't as much of a stickler for military discipline as most high ranking officers in Fangalin, but that was only partially true. Sure, Captain Lodimeur didn't really care … Continue reading Culmination, Part 15


Culmination, Part 14

Veilia was silent for a long time while she pondered Kryla's question, which left Kryla little to do except for sip her filiate and admire the decor in Veilia's sitting room. Fortunately, the filiate was quite good, and the decor was quite admirable. Kryla was by no means an expert on filiate (as it was … Continue reading Culmination, Part 14