Culmination, Part 10

"You wanna do WHAT?" exclaimed Emelien Fanas, incredulous. "Are you COMPLETELY insane?" "I assure you, sir, I am fully sane," Belfamor replied, stone-faced. He was standing in Fanas' office on the top floor of the tallest skyscraper on Revellia, a huge, open space full of glass and gleaming metal. It was very modern and tasteful, … Continue reading Culmination, Part 10


Culmination, Part 9

For a moment, Valador simply stared at Belfamor with an utterly blank expression on his face, and then, all of a sudden, he burst out laughing, and continued to laugh for at least five minutes, while Belfamor stared at him, completely straight-faced. Belfamor hadn't entirely expected this reaction, but it was certainly not out of … Continue reading Culmination, Part 9