Catching the Sun, Part 25

Erelesk Votalin, aka Emperor Neminatrix IV, stood on the bridge of his flagship, Berserker, with his hands clasped behind his back and a broad smile on his face. He had won a great victory this day. The forces of the pretender, Jimalin Redlamin, had been smashed by his superior might, and the pretender himself was … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 25


Catching the Sun, Part 23

"Five minutes to Endragar, Captain," announced Ranger's navigation officer. "Thank you, Commander," replied Captain Nonmar. She turned and looked at Colonel Lodimeur, who was standing off to the side of the bridge. "Any last minute remarks, Colonel?" she asked. "Everyone on this ship, and in this fleet, has their orders," Lodimeur said, stepping forward to … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 23