Catching the Sun, Part 21

Emperor Extrator IV's flagship, Invincible, arrived in orbit around Endragar along with 15 more warships of various shapes and sizes. As far as Abaden Lors knew, the captains of those ships were still more or less loyal to Extrator. At least, Lors hadn't attempted to get them to join his defection. He couldn't quite imagine … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 21


Catching the Sun, Part 18

"Colonel," said Ranger's communications officer as Xendin and Hana Lodimeur walked back onto the bridge, "we're receiving a call from Admiral Zhiala Tred." "Excellent," said Xendin briskly. "Onscreen." A second later, a woman's face appeared on the main viewscreen. She was in her mid-to-late fifties, with short dark hair that was speckled with gray, and … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 18