Catching the Sun, Part 16

Ranger and the other 11 ships in Xendin Lodimeur's task force dropped out of subspace outside the Allamanin system, close enough for Erelesk Votalin's fleet to detect them, but far enough away that they wouldn't immediately assume an attack. The plan was for Lodimeur to contact Votalin's fleet, ask to speak to Votalin, petition Votalin … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 16


Catching the Sun, Part 15

Decimator dropped out of subspace on the outskirts of the Endragar system and began cruising at conventional speed toward Endragar itself so that it could take up an orbit around the planet. Admiral Kryla Zomulin stood impassively on Decimator's bridge, arms folded across her chest, gazing out at the viewscreen that showed the fleet of … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 15

Catching the Sun, Part 14

Twelve gleaming starships glided silently through space, hanging in orbit around the Fangalin planet Moratorila, which had been chosen as the staging ground for Xendin Lodimeur's offensive against the Empire. He had been there for two weeks, gathering supplies, organizing his forces, and getting to know the men and women who were serving under him. … Continue reading Catching the Sun, Part 14