A Song of Sorrow, Part 1

Jimalin Redlamin was in the middle of his morning prayers when an aide informed him that the Emperor was dead. Redlamin had no need to ask which Emperor; on Bliddle, there was only one. The others were mere pretenders. Redlamin listened to the aide's news in silence, and then he added the soul of Embamor … Continue reading A Song of Sorrow, Part 1


The Solitude of Death, Part 11

Adlamor Finegal was deep in meditation when an aide knocked on his door and told him the studio was ready. Embamor II had died only a few hours earlier, and Finegal was wasting no time in claiming the throne. He had prepared his speech several weeks ago, and he had rehearsed it many times. The … Continue reading The Solitude of Death, Part 11