The Solitude of Death, Part 3

Dren Calabane entered his luxurious mansion like a storm cloud. He was furious with the High Council for bickering about matters that should have been simple to decide, and he was furious with the Supreme Commander for dawdling over those same matters. To the Council, every problem could be solved by bludgeoning it to death, … Continue reading The Solitude of Death, Part 3


The Solitude of Death, Part 2

The High Council of Fangalin met in a large dining hall in what used to be the Imperial Governor's mansion on the planet of Numoris. There were 32 councilors total, and they were all gathered around a large rectangular table, discussing the course of the war against the Empire. There were two contentious topics on … Continue reading The Solitude of Death, Part 2

Terrible Shadow, Part 11

Zhemeen Fortulis was very pleased. Everything was going more or less according to plan. The upper levels of the Imperial government had been eradicated, the Imperial provinces that had been most heavily penetrated were now fully under Fangalin control, and several more Imperial provinces were under siege by Fangalin forces, with the Imperial Fleet retreating … Continue reading Terrible Shadow, Part 11