Terrible Shadow, Part 5

Zhemeen Fortulis sat at his desk in the governor's mansion on Numoris, gazing out of the giant window that took up the entire wall opposite his desk. The window gave Fortulis a spectacular view of Crez, the capital city of Numoris. Fortulis was not officially the governor of Numoris, but he ruled Numoris nonetheless. He … Continue reading Terrible Shadow, Part 5


Terrible Shadow, Part 4

"So, General," Senator Hesha Vorlan began, "To what do I owe the honor of this meeting?" The Senator was in her mid-fifties, and handsome rather than beautiful. She had straight black hair that fell to just above her shoulders, and a bold, almost hawk-like nose. She was well known as a patron of the arts, … Continue reading Terrible Shadow, Part 4