Terrible Shadow, Part 1

Ahsken Lorovic walked the halls of power as if he owned them, and in some ways, he did. As Director of Security for the Imperial Senate, he had full access to every area of the Senate Hall. Of course, to refer to the Senate Hall as the "halls of power" was something of an exaggeration. … Continue reading Terrible Shadow, Part 1


To Break the Galaxy, Part 9

Briella Melforia stood on a balcony, looking out over the vast expanse of Selorin, the capital city of the Trisitanian Empire. Massive skyscrapers stretched thousands of meters in the air, but the vantage point on which the Empress stood towered over them all. The Imperial Palace was the heart of the Empire, physically and figuratively. … Continue reading To Break the Galaxy, Part 9

To Break the Galaxy, Part 8

When Wellin Votara approached his foreman and asked to be transferred back to Mektemar Felnen's work crew, the foreman rolled his eyes and sighed, but did as Votara asked. Clearly, in the foreman's eyes, Votara and Felnen had gotten over their little spat and were friends again. Nothing unusual about that. After several more weeks … Continue reading To Break the Galaxy, Part 8