Chapter 22, Part 1

Things continued to go as they had been going in the Avaroth. Alessandra's time was split between working shifts in the Autorum and taking lessons to learn how to better control her magical abilities, with occasional breaks for eating and sleeping. Even more occasionally, Alessandra would get a night off, and most of the time … Continue reading Chapter 22, Part 1


Chapter 21, Part 9

"Are there any further questions?" asked the Honesival after a brief silence. She waited for a moment to see if there were, and then she said, "Very well. Tralasor Alemash, Miskoval Farigold, Faterai Meskiva, and Brelence Mekoval, you are all dismissed. Sindunar Berevay, you may return to your place." All five of them bowed, and … Continue reading Chapter 21, Part 9

Chapter 21, Part 8

There was an ominous silence as Shalor and the High Chancellor faced each other across the domed chamber. The guards surrounding the mages had not lowered their weapons, and Alessandra recognized that, without magic, they would lose a fight here for certain. If the High Chancellor wanted to arrest Alessandra, there was nothing that Shalor … Continue reading Chapter 21, Part 8