Chapter 20, Part 9

"Is this really a fight you want to pick, Lieutenant?" Alessandra asked, folding her arms across her chest. "I'm not bluffing when I say that these people are being moved by order of the Honesival. She wants these people to come live at the Avaroth, and she's not going to just sit idly by while … Continue reading Chapter 20, Part 9


Chapter 20, Part 8

The fact that Keavel had some mages on standby in case of problems didn't exactly reassure Alessandra, but she kept her mouth shut. She wasn't worried about herself, of course. She was more than a match for any member of the Elder Guard, but she was concerned about her clanmates getting hurt. There was nothing … Continue reading Chapter 20, Part 8

Chapter 20, Part 4

A thrill of excitement rose in Alessandra's chest. This could be it, finally! "Yes, I'll be there right away," she said.   "Thank you, Brelence," the vialis replied. "I will inform the Sutorlah immediately." With that, it zipped off toward the Sutorlah chamber, and Alessandra followed close behind.   The guards at the entrance to … Continue reading Chapter 20, Part 4