Chapter 19, Part 8

"Hey, Mikaelo," Alessandra said, returning his grin, but before she could say anything else, Meela interjected.   "I have a bone to pick with you, Team Leader," she said, a fierce light glowing in her eyes.   "Uh oh," Mikaelo said, his own eyes widening in fear.   "Uh oh?" Meela yelled. "Uh oh! That's … Continue reading Chapter 19, Part 8


Chapter 19, Part 7

"That's a pretty raw deal for those of us left behind, if the majority of the clan decides to move to the Avaroth," Vegora said with a scowl.   "What do you expect me to do?" Meela said firmly. "I can't order the whole clan to move to the Avaroth, nor am I going to … Continue reading Chapter 19, Part 7

Chapter 19, Part 5

"Come on, guys!" Alessandra exclaimed suddenly, clapping her hands together. "What is there to think about? The Avaroth! The place that every single person in the slums dreams of even setting foot in some day! You have the opportunity to┬álive there! I can't believe you're not just jumping at the chance!" Meela and Torea looked … Continue reading Chapter 19, Part 5

Chapter 19, Part 2

These and other questions bounced around in her head until she felt like she might go insane. Even though she didn't feel quite as inadequate about not having her predecessor's memories anymore, she actually found herself wanting those memories even more now, because she suspected that the answers to a lot of her questions could … Continue reading Chapter 19, Part 2