Chapter 18, Part 8

Behind the throne were huge, floor-to-ceiling windows, stretching far above the heads of those in the room, and extending to either side of the hall. The effect was stunning. It looked as if the Honesival was seated on an ocean wave rising up out of the city behind her. Of course, Alessandra had never seen … Continue reading Chapter 18, Part 8


Chapter 18, Part 6

"I don't just mean that," Alessandra said, shaking her head. "I mean telling the Sutorlah that the mission succeeded because of me."   "That's simply the truth," Keavel said, looking slightly confused. "Why would I tell them anything different? You shut down the magic dampening field that was holding the rest of us prisoner, and … Continue reading Chapter 18, Part 6

Chapter 18, Part 4

Alessandra later reflected that either she was extraordinarily lucky, or some long-forgotten deity was watching over her, because almost as soon as she began smashing the console, there was a fizzling noise, and then a small explosion, and she could see her teammates burst their bonds and rush at Javaris and grab him before he … Continue reading Chapter 18, Part 4