Chapter 20, Part 5

"Still, though," Alessandra said, "to have something that you've worked so hard for get taken away from you like that, it's totally normal to be upset about it. I know I'd be having a much harder time if I were in your shoes." "I suppose," Fienele said with a sigh, "but it doesn't do any … Continue reading Chapter 20, Part 5


Chapter 20, Part 4

A thrill of excitement rose in Alessandra's chest. This could be it, finally! "Yes, I'll be there right away," she said.   "Thank you, Brelence," the vialis replied. "I will inform the Sutorlah immediately." With that, it zipped off toward the Sutorlah chamber, and Alessandra followed close behind.   The guards at the entrance to … Continue reading Chapter 20, Part 4